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Launching the Kurdistan Mental Health Project

January 2024 marked the launch of the the Kurdistan Mental Health Project. After three years of hard work we have launched the first year of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) training in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). In partnership with Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC) and European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC) we have begun training 30 psychologists from a variety of KRI cities including Erbil, Duhok, Sulaymaniah, Halabja and Soran. Find out more about our initiative by clicking the link below.

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The KRG Minister of Education, Alan Hama Saeed, supporting the first ETTC/KR-UK-IMPAKT training on mental health using WHO material

The Minister was joined by USG Consul General Rob Waller and Kathrin Jaschke, German consulate officer in Erbil for political, economic and humanitarian affair. The head of our wonderful partner ETTC, Jihad Zero, is in the foreground.

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The KRG Minister welcomed the training for social workers in Erbil's schools and asked that it be rolled out in all KR's provinces.

KR-UK-IMPAKT trustees joined the closing ceremony on 17 December via video link

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The week long training on mental health guidelines was led Dr Arif Hito and Dler Anwar

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It was great to get strong interest and support from US and German consulates

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These are the first participants (briefly without masks!) with their certificates of completion. They will now be better equipped to deal with mental health issues they encounter in Erbil schools.

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The training covered essential care and practice, depression and childhood issues.

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